Monday, May 03, 2010

Let me introduce you to my little friend

Yes, rummage sale season has started up again. Fortunately, I took in several more episodes of "Hoarders" beforehand. I do not have cable so I am limited to the episodes available online. Anyway, it definitely changed my perspective when I walked into that sale. Up until I walked into the camera department I had only spent $1.50.

I have not looked at camera equipment in quite a long time. When it is what you do, you finally reach a point when you have pretty much all the equipment you need. I am definitely old school analog all the way. The only digital I have is the point and shoot I use for this blog. The majority of my equipment is medium format and the 35 mm I do have is predominantly Minolta. I prefer my equipment to be analog and definitely a workhorse. When I stumbled upon this lovely Nikkormat FT2, I was intrigued. The price marked was for an f2 5omm lens and an f4 200mm lens. The 200mm lens was nowhere to be found so I had to bargain down the price. It was pretty much a steal. I look forward to getting to know this camera in the coming months.

I also found these Japanese tea cups at a second rummage sale I went to after the one mentioned above. I am sure that you find it hard to believe I came home without any furniture, but I did.

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