Monday, July 19, 2010


I tend to find my art at various places. I believe in the high and the low of it. Some of it has come from galleries or dealers and others have come from thrift stores and rummage sales. Sometimes I collect for the investment, for the art historical importance and other times just for the visceral connection I get from the piece. No matter what, I have to have some sort of connection to the piece or I will not buy it.
I have very few paintings. The painting above was found at a thrift store this weekend. I just saw it and wanted it so I bought it. That was supposed to be why I was posting it. Then I started to think about the high and low of it. Then I started to think about "Work of Art" on Bravo. I only get to see the episodes they post online, but I am a little confused by the whole concept. I guess this is because the concept is confusing. Do you get it? They have these "challenges" which constrain them in time and often subject matter. Having 24 hours to conceive and complete a piece of art for a gallery showing seems a bit unrealistic, but I will give in to the world of reality television. If they can ask someone to "date" 12 people of the opposite sex all at the same time and eventually propose marriage then they can ask someone to create a piece of art in 24 hours. The main part that I find confusing is what they are asking of the artists. Are they asking the artists to create something that will sell or something that truly is a piece of their artwork even if there is no consumer out there for it? This is what they need to clarify for me. I do not think that these two concepts go hand in hand all of the time. Maybe I just do not like the idea of asking an artist to make something that will sell in a gallery. That is just my opinion. Does anyone else watch this show besides me?

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