Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Toy!

A while back my mother read an article by some chef discussing green papaya salad. He had started using a tool that simplified the shredding of the papaya. My mother was on a quest. She was going to find that tool for me. She recently returned from a vacation home to Hawaii and she was so excited that she had found the tool one day while shopping. That is it above. I tried it out yesterday.

This is what the finished papaya looks like after using that tool. It is a bit finer.

This is what it looks like after using a regular mandoline type grater.
I found the grater to be a little bit easier to use, but maybe that is just me. Has anyone else used this particular tool? Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that she found it for me and I will use it. I just think the jury is still out regarding whether it is easier or not.

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