Friday, July 02, 2010


Since this is a holiday weekend I do not have a cookie recipe to share. Instead thought I would give you a little gift. In case you have no barbecues to attend, parades to watch or fireworks to ooh and aah over I have something that will surely make your holiday a treat. I suggest you go to the movies and see "Io Sono L'Amore". It stars the brilliant Tilda Swinton and revolves around a very wealthy Milanese family. It is a visually stunning film. It unwinds at a very slow pace, but it is well worth the wait. What an incredible opera. The final scene was one of the most intense I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Do you see that woman in the chair to the far right? She is one of the house staff. If you go and see this movie pay special attention to her role and watch her as she builds to a frenzy in the final scene. I was thinking about this movie for several hours after I saw it. Go and treat yourself this weekend. Auguri. Oh yeah, and the clothing was incredible.

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