Sunday, July 04, 2010

Food Independence

Although this was the weekend in celebration of the birth of our nation I did not end up eating the usual all American barbecue and 4th of July cuisine. I knew it was going to be hot here so I planned ahead (no cooking) and stocked up on some goodies at Mitsuwa. I feel like I ended up eating more like Ai.

I started with an espresso made in my newly acquired stove top maker (more on that later).

These lovely tiny Shimizu Shokuh (mini Koban) turned out to be incredibly good. I love white bean. Anyway, I should have purchased more than one little package of 5. Or maybe not. That could have been disastrous.

Tuna Onigiri

Izumidai sashimi
This was sooo good with a bowl of rice.

Chicken teriyaki
Yes, I could have made this myself, but I didn't want to cook. This is the kind of barbecue we usually made at my house. Teriyaki on the grill.

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