Tuesday, July 06, 2010


I have not been doing too much thrifting of late. I think it was the "Hoarders" marathons and my attempt to purge that curbed my enthusiasm. Last week I started to hit a few stores for some limited purchases. The stove top espresso above was one of them. Before adding it to the collection on the shelf I tried it out the other morning. Something is not exactly right and I will have to investigate further.

I picked up two of these throw pillows for my living room. I am not sure exactly where they will live. (This is why I will never be on "Design Star".)

Yes, I relapsed and bought some more decoration for my hooves. These are pretty great though, aren't they?
I also found these lovely Cole Haan boots. I can hardly wait for fall. The best thing about these boots? That stretchy strip down the side. These boots are rather high (not quite over the knee) and I can actually pull them up all that way. Those of you with less than slim calves will understand what I am talking about. Now I must find that one pair of boots that must be discarded in order to accommodate these.

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