Monday, August 02, 2010


I am posting this information because I admit that I was skeptical at first. There was an estate sale in my 'hood that I decided to check out. Normally, I do not go to these types of sales, but I had past them setting up when I returned from my morning run and they had some interesting stuff. It turned out to be quite a bonanza. It made me wish that I had a larger home because I would have made some of the best steals. There was very little over $1.00. There were these very nice old leather dining chairs with square keyhole backs. They sold as a set of three....for $5! Right across from them was this great (Oh, I could just slap myself), great worn in large leather sofa. Where would I put it? How would I move it? It was probably one of the big ticket items at $20. My total when I had finished shopping was $3. I bought several items among them a nice rectangular brass frame coffee table. It is a simple open cube and has a very thick (1 1/2 inch?) thick plexiglass top. I pondered over whether or not to buy it. I asked my mother for her opinion. Then I realized....YES, I was sitting there weighing the pros and cons of a $1 purchase! What the hell. Yes, I wonder about myself sometimes. The bottom of the frame had quite a bit of oxidation and I was wondering if I would be able to do anything. After doing a little research I read that I should try lemon juice and salt. I was skeptical, but obviously I should have paid more attention in chemistry class.
This is an example of some of the oxidation before.

This is what it looked like in progress. I also did a little steel wool on some spots.
I have to admit that it is looking a lot better than I had thought it would.

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