Monday, September 06, 2010

An Autumn frame of mind

I have posted many a time about my love of figs. Last week I found myself with an abundance of ripe figs. I purchased 2 pints of black mission figs during the week and then I also bought a large package of very ripe green figs from the produce clearance section. There was no way that I (and the 4 legged one) were going to plow through all of those figs. I decided to try my hand at making some new fig recipes. The results are below. I had them for breakfast on my toasted English muffin. On the left are the fig preserves made with the black mission figs and on the right fig jam made with the green figs (minus the walnuts). They were very different in taste and texture, but they were both really good.

I journeyed to the farmer's market this weekend to see what crops had arrived. I am hoping to try out some new stuff along with some new recipes soon.

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