Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday it is. Mitsuwa is having their anniversary sale. Hippo bakery had these very cute apple pan for sale for a limited time. The stem is a pretzel, the green leaf is a matcha cookie and the pan has apple and cream in the middle.

I purchased my first bottle of shochu. I cannot wait to try it. After having miso ramen at Santouka I did a little quick thrifting.

I found this Herman Miller long handled bag for $1.

I then found this for $1.95. It made me laugh out loud. Sometimes you have to buy something just for the laugh factor. Actually, it was while watching "Ellen" that I first found out about this and had a great laugh. I tried to embed the video but Blogger was not happy about it so I am providing the link. If you have not seen the ridiculous and somewhat obscene video, please do.
You can watch the video here.
I think I might have to sample a little shochu before using my shake weight. Now that's a happy Friday.

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