Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Championship Ring Bling

When you reach a certain age nobody remembers your birthday except for your mother. So, at this point you find joy in making your own fun and buying your own gifts. Since I am a little broke, I have to be creative about these things. This year is extra nice because the NCAA championship game fell on my birthday. You have no idea how happy this made me. No idea.

I also have a tendency to purchase large cocktail rings. No reason. I found this one and sort of liked it. It is very chunky so I am thinking it is for a man. For now I am calling it my championship ring.

I have wanted this Marimekko comforter for quite some time. Birthday luck. I found it. I also decided to do a little home decor window shopping. I headed over to check out the Flor showroom.

I really started to like this particular design. I am thinking of using it on the kitchen floor until I am able to get the hardwood floors repaired and refinished.

Now it was lunchtime. I decided that I would break all of my restrictions I had chosen for Lent. Just for one day. It was that or have nothing but bland food to eat. So, it was down to Chinatown for Peking duck.

It was too dark in the restaurant to take any decent photos so the poster will have to do. Trust me, it was delish. I really wanted to indulge in one of those Veruca Salt cupcake, but I held back and picked up this almond Swiss roll as my birthday treat. Topped off with an evening of college basketball and I am happy as a clam. See? It is really easy (and cheap) to treat and entertain yourself on your birthday.


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you treated yourself to a great day. Love the ring - the chunkiness and the simplicity of it - a great find.

pupule said...

Hello Sue! Thanks so much!