Thursday, April 07, 2011

Banh me, please

Get it? Sort of like when you are playing checkers. "King me, please." OK, maybe not. I have been here twice in the past week. I had to try one of the best Banh Mi places in Chicago. In case you are unfamiliar, banh mi are Vietnamese sandwiches and they are incredibly good. I headed to Nhu Lan on Lawrence because I had read that it was the best. They bake the best bread and they supply most of the Vietnamese places in the city. They have a sign stating that they make in the 'hood of 1,000 baguettes a day. I included the parking sign so you are aware that you have to pay into the blood-sucking leased parking system of the city of Chicago. Well, you don;t have to. You can go around the corner and find yourself some local street parking.

I sampled the variety pack of spring rolls. They are pretty super sized. You get three in a package and you can get a single kind or get the sampler variety pack like I did. This variety pack contains one of each - shrimp, vegetarian and pork.

I had the vegetarian ham, pate. Scrumptious. Oh, I forgot the best part. The price of most of the sandwiches is only $3.50! You can't beat that.

This is what the inside of the sandwich looks like. Looks like meat, right? Amazingly, it also tastes like meat. Sorry for the photo quality, but I was stuck dining in my car. The only downside to this place is that there are only 2 tables in the place which means you have to be hella lucky to be able to sit and dine in there. I suppose it is a small price to pay in order to have the greatest and cheapest sandwich in the city.

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