Friday, April 08, 2011

Food Confessional

I know that it seems like I have been indulging myself this week, and I have been. In fact, I am pretty sure that I will be on the express train to hell for breaking Lent this week. So, please follow me to the Icosium Kafe. Slide right into the booth and relax.

Have a nice glass of water with a sprig of fresh mint.

Order up a nice hot Algerian mint tea with honey. The last time I was here I tried the Algerian coffee which I highly recommend. After today, I also highly recommend this tea.

Now order up one of the many delicious crepes they offer on the menu. I admit that I have not had one of the dinner entree crepes because I have only gone there for a beverage and dessert. Today I tried the caramel crepe. Oh, so warm, buttery and sweet. These are definitely large enough for 2 to share as a small treat. I have seen an order of the dinner crepes and they are HUGE.

This is a great low-key, friendly place to go and hangout. I guess I should have mentioned it for Valentine's Day because it is a nice way to end an evening out and it is incredibly inexpensive. Coffee or tea for two and one dessert crepe and you have need no more than a ten dollar bill.

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