Friday, May 13, 2011

It is a sickness

Aw, c'mon. You know you would not be able to resist it either. Maybe I need a 12 step program for espresso makers.

I would like to say that from now on I will never doubt my hands or my gut. My hands always seem to find their way to something good and my gut always reassures me when I have doubts. The grandfather of 'em all among annual rummage sales happened yesterday. That is where I got the espresso maker at half the price they were originally asking for. During my first run-through I found my hands on a nice wooden object. I looked at it, flipped it over, wanted to buy it, but put it down since it was early in the sale and I was being frugal. I placed it in the back of my memory and forged on. Later on that day after I returned home I decided to do a little research. My hands don't lie. It was Jens Quistgaard. I have slowly been collecting his works since I saw a display in "House Beautiful". You may remember my past finds here and here. Why didn't I trust my instincts? I decided to drive back to the sale to see if nobody had purchased it. It had now been 5 hours since I had left it. I get back to the sale and go immediately to the section where I had seen it. It was gone. I had learned my lesson. The good thing was that I found two great vintage metal pitchers. Then I thought that perhaps somebody had moved them. You know how you pick something up intending to buy it and then when you change your mind you place it somewhere else? Don't lie. I'll bet that some of you are even double offenders. You have done this at the grocery store. Far worse. Nothing is that organized at a rummage sale. I start to walk around a bit within the same department and there it was. The thrifting gods were smiling down on me once again.

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