Monday, June 27, 2011

Can you hear the angels singing?

I can. I was at a rummage sale at the church I attended as a child. I never go to the rummage sale there. Now I see that this might have been a mistake. I was in the kitchenware section when I saw it. Unfortunately, some woman had her mitts on it as she sifter through the pile. I watched. I waited. She put it down and I pounced.
Isn't she something in all of her Cathrine Holm beauty? Perfect condition and a stand to boot.
Three bucks. There go those angels again.

While at a thrift store this weekend I snagged another Jens Quistgaard piece for two bucks.


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

Wow - I'm not an orange fan nor have any knowledge of the brand/designer but I do love that first dish with the tray. Great find!

pupule said...

Thanks! It is only the second piece I have by her.