Sunday, June 26, 2011

Who doesn't love a parade?

They were standing on rooftops...
hanging out of windows. Anything to get a better view of the Pride Parade today.
It was well worth it. The weather was beautiful and so were A good time was had by all.
That is one long parade. Not that I'm complaining. Though I had to leave after 2 hours.

Yes, this is the whole reason I went down there. Every year she wants to go but it is just too damned hot. I finally gave in this year since the weather was perfect. I thought it was only fair since I am sure that I dragged her to many parades when I was a child and they were not even one percent as fabulous as this one. Oh, yeah, she did not arrive with that chair. She talked someone into letting her sit in it. Remember this for it will be the among the many benefits you will gain later in life.

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