Friday, June 17, 2011

Close, but no cigar

I found these (or rather, my mother pointed them out to me) the other day. They are not quite as nicely shaped as the other wood handled pieces, but I think they are good for fillers. 25 cents each.
Post oil lube. They look so much better after some oil.

In case you were wondering if I have the maturity of a 7 year old, I do. Yes, I chuckled when I saw this at the store yesterday. I just think that certain products should consider a name change before distribution in the U.S. Have a good weekend.


ai said...

I can see a credit card company sign that says DICK from my apartment.

Those spoons and folks look cute. I can never find the perfect cutlery, so I keep buying it...

pupule said...

Ha! I think that would be more offensive here than in Japan.