Friday, June 10, 2011

On a Budget

I am always interested in trying new things, but lately I have been on a strict budget. Well, I am doing my best. Anyway, this post came about because of Ai. She is always eating ohba and I have never tried it. I found it at a Japanese grocery store, but I thought it sort of a splurge. So I waited and finally found it at the grocery store of my people. For a lot less. The package above was a buck and a half for about 8 leaves. The large bunch below was 98 cents. Do not get me wrong. I am all about the presentation and beauty of the food. If I were making dinner for anyone else but myself I would probably get the beautiful flawless stack from the Japanese store. It was just me so I went low brow.
I will just have it with my sashimi cubes for now. I intend to cook with it in a few days. I do love the flavor of these leaves. If you have not tried them, you should.
It still looks pretty good to me.

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