Thursday, July 07, 2011

Creuset crazy

I have often admired Le Creuset cookware, but have never thought of purchasing it for myself. I already have a set of Calphalon that will last my lifetime and I have never been able to rationalize a splurge on more cookware. I have spotted some at thrift stores or rummage sales, but they are almost always ruined. Usually the inside of the pots are completely scraped off and burnt. That was not the case today. I stumbled upon a stash of Le Creuset that was in near perfect condition. I had to decide which pieces to choose. I finally decided that I would only buy pieces that had their lids.
These are what I ended up with. The little orange one is actually Cousances, not Le Creuset. I love the range of colors, especially since I have a very neutral kitchen. None of these was over $18. Even on my budget these still qualify as a splurge, but I could not pass them up. I plan to keep them very busy once the heat of the summer subsides.


ai said...

Lucky you. I've been wanting Le Creuset or Staub pans for quite a long time now, but they are ridiculously expensive.

pupule said...

I know. I priced them. They are $179 each.