Tuesday, July 05, 2011


For those of you unfamiliar with the word niele, it is Hawaiian for nosey. It is a word that was frequently used by mother when referring to her children. Obviously, it still holds true. I have walked past this house almost every day for several years now. I wanted to know what it looked like inside. I did not even really get the view above because there are large bushes and a brick wall locking my view. Not that this stopped me from trying. I just knew that there was something fab on the inside. I am sure that they did not appreciate their nosey neighbor goose necking. Now that it is up for sale, I can satisfy my curiosity.
The house was built by Keck and Keck in 1961. This is the original drawings which were then changed to reverse the garage to the other side of the house.
I knew it!! It is exactly as I pictured it would be. Sigh.
The only thing I don't understand is why they have those awful couches with such wonderful iconic mid-century designer pieces? It is the same in the den which I have not included pictures of.

I love all of the built-ins and that they continue throughout the entire house.

I think that piece is beautiful.
Hello kitchen I want to stay and cook in forever.
Now that I know what it looks like it just makes me want to be able to really go inside and see it. Aren't you glad I don't live in your neighborhood?


ai said...

So fab. How much is it sold for?

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