Monday, August 15, 2011

The Right Tool for the Job

Don't you love it when you have the right tool for the job and it makes everything go so much smoother? There are so many ways that this discussion could go wrong if you were to go solely on the visual. For oh so many years I have wanted this spice rack from D&D. I admit that it is not very practical, but it just looks so cool. Imagine my surprise when I found this one unmarked at that sale a few weeks ago.
I inquired about the price and the woman said that she would check. Well, they had another spice rack (not anything like this) and it was marked $4 so I could have it for the same price. Um...OK!
It was pretty dusty and a little bit rusty. How was I going to clean this thing? Enter the tool at the top of the post. For some reason, My Mom has various test tube brushes under the sink to clean out bottles. I initially tried a more triangular shaped brush, but it did not get the basin at the tip of the tube. The one above is the clear winner. You see, it has that soft cotton string-like mop at the end that easily cleans the end of the tube. Genius. Also, a little SOS on the rack to minimize that rust.
It looks pretty good. Now all I have to do is stock up on some brand new spices and herbs.

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