Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Barbie's Dream House

I was first intrigued by this because I thought it looked like a Barbie clothing closet. Can't you see the cool faux wood door on the right? No such luck. I dare say it is even better. I know that it may seem I am moving backward in time when it comes to my technology, but I like this for a practical reason. It mounts on the wall. Are you like me? Do you find that you want to whip something up real quick, but you don't want to hassle with your big Kitchen-aid Stand mixer? I'll take it one step further. Are you lazy like me and you really don't feel like going into your cabinet for the hand mixer and then digging through the drawer for the whips? OK, maybe not because I am incredibly lazy.
Voila. That little closet not only mounts on the kitchen wall, it also houses all the parts to your hand mixer.
And really. Where are you going to find that almond yellow color these days?


ai said...

I have been looking for a hand mixer and am looking closely at Cuisinarts. But yours looks the best!!!

pupule said...

Mine is so old school that I am assuming it will be a workhorse. I will find out when it is baking season again.