Monday, September 19, 2011

Don't Get Me Started

Sometimes I wish you could put Jeannie back into that bottle. It seems like ever since that toilet leaked and I replaced it my brain has been on a rampage when it comes to decorating changes. Everything was so calm there for a little while. I have decided that I should start going to smaller rummage sales that are unknown to me. I am used to waiting in line with hundreds of people, so maybe a little change might be needed. On Friday I went to a sale I had never been to. I arrived 5 minutes before it opened and there was nobody there. Let me tell you that this never happens. A minute or so later 2 women arrived. By the time I got out to get in line and they opened up for business there were only 5 of us there. Never underestimate what you might be able to find. I found this great bench for $10. I did not really need it, but I could not pass it up and the wheels started turning in my head. In my brain I was rotating furniture all over my house until I figured out exactly where I plan to place it. Now I will have to do all of this planning, moving and redecorating I never planned on. All because of one little leak.

It is in perfect condition though.

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