Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hidden Treasure...Spring Project

This is one of my hidden treasures. She is a vintage Honda Passport C70 motor scooter. I bought her about 15 years ago, had her brought up to riding condition and she has been hidden away for many years stored at my Mom's house because I have no place to store her where I currently live. I recently decided that enough is enough. Since my bathroom was my fall project, she will be my next big project in the spring. I have found someone who has agreed to work on her until she is in running order. I visited yesterday and decided to take a picture of her among the drop cloths and paint cans in the garage. Soon...soon we will be out on the open road again. Would you believe me if I told you that I found her all those years ago at a rummage sale? It's true.


mariko said...

Dude, I had one of those in red when I was at Cal. It had a windshield, too.

pupule said...

You didn't get rotten fruit and stones thrown at you driving around in something RED?

M. said...

I remember when you took the class to get your license. And I remember especially how excited you were when you found her.