Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fresh Air

Sunday afternoon was a time to get out and get some fresh air. Actually, we had to. The paint being used to finish the bathroom in the morning was rather noxious and we felt we should evacuate for a few hours to save a few brain cells. So, the four legged one rode shotgun and we headed over the border. You only have to drive north for a short time before you witness the leaves beginning to change.
We headed to Tim and Tom's Cheese. They have an outdoor flea market once a month and this was the last outdoor market of the year. Tim and Tom's Cheese can meet many of your cheese needs as well as antique needs because there is an antique mall included in the building. How can you beat that? Cheese, antiques and an outdoor flea market all at once! Well, I am really being excited for you because I am unable to eat cheese, the first part does not really excite me as much.
So, you go inside and there is a cheese shop filled with almost all of your cheese dreams. I would say that they would fulfill your American cheese dreams, not necessarily your European cheese dreams. You can have some cheddar in the shape of the state of Wisconsin.
And right next to that fridge is a display of some antiques for sale. This is not what the whole place looks like. The store is self contained and there are actual antique vendor booths in the remainder of the building space.
You can get your cheese curds or your cheese spreads. By the way, if you familiar with Merkts cheese spread, then you will know Tim and Tom because they are the sons of the Merkts family.
Cheese, cheese, and more cheese.
Even your cheesehead hats in every shape and size.
Back to the outdoor flea market. They had some good things at great prices. I ended up purchasing a few goodies. I found a nice piece of Fat Lava ceramics. It was already a great price and had no plans to bargain when the dealer automatically lowered the price when I brought it over to pay. I also purchased a cool tall glass pyrex piece to use as a vase. It is labeled as a fleaker on the outside. I am guessing that that means it is a fluid beaker.
Finally there is this little midcentury stool. I liked it because it reminded me of a baseball. I walked away to think about it and the woman yelled after me that she would lower the price. I got it for $5. My Mom does not see the reference do you? Does it remind you of a baseball?

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