Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Real Labor Day Weekend

This actually ended up being a weekend of labor. As a refresher, remember that not so great yellowish tile?

All day Saturday was spent removing it from the walls and prepping it for the new tile.

These pictures are deceiving due to the flash. That tub is actually a yellowish color similar to the tiles. It looks white in these pictures. Trust me, it is not. It is going to be refinished in a bright white before this renovation is complete.

This section of wall needs to be repaired from water damage so the drywall was ripped off.

See? All clean and ready for tile. The problem is that there is now a gap between the wood and the wall for the tile so we are going to have to add some type of wood moulding there.
All day Sunday was actually spent preparing the drywall for that small patch, plastering, cutting and gluing tile. I was too lazy to take a picture of the tile setting with spacers. Everything is at a halt until next weekend when the grouting is done as well as the finishes to the walls, etc.
Sorry for the awful layout to this post. I tried the new blogger interface and it just really screwed everything up and I am unable to use it successfully.

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