Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let There Be Light...and air

This weekend was the weekend of electrical work and lighting. I would first like to say that someone out there needs to design some decent looking ceiling fans. I have looked for so long that my eyes hurt. It is all pretty ugly, but I really need some type of cooling in my kitchen. Especially in searing heat like we experienced this summer.
So, it only took several years, but that Poulsen light is finally hung. Please excuse all wall finishes in these pictures. The painting projects will be attacked in the fall.
This huge globe light was added to my dark hallway. I know that people tend to dislike globe lights, but I like to pretend I have my own disco ball. This thing is about 10-12 inches in diameter. It is ready to party.
This is the light fan I ended up installing in the kitchen. It is a nice size - 30 inches. It does not grab your attention so you hardly even notice it and it really gets the air moving around. It will do for now. Do you like the halo of beige paint around it? That's what happens when you replace a large fixture with a smaller one. Remember what I told you about ignoring wall finishes?
This weekend will be the weekend of the bathroom. Finally. That tub and shower will be conquered!

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