Saturday, September 24, 2011


This picture pretty much sums up my Saturday. I went early to one of my old stand-by annual rummage sales only to fins a sea of people waiting in line. They gave become overcrowded since the days have been moved to Saturday from Thursday mornings. I don't like it. Anyway, I only spent $5. I bought 4 items. Total. That was it. After the sale I stopped at a nearby farmer's market. I am always sucked in by things I have never prepared. I am sucked even further if said item is super-sized. Can you believe that kohlrabi? In order to give you some scale I made my Mom sit in the picture.
This was my only little gem of a find today. Vintage red leather suitcase with a nice old gold monogram. This is definitely going with me on my next overnight road trip.

I consoled myself with a raspberry paczki and it was good. I love that Chicago has the largest Polish population outside of Warsaw. Now, what to do with that kohlrabi?

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