Thursday, September 22, 2011


Remember these walls before? A little scarier after prep work was completed. Now it was my turn to do some work. I painted and wallpapered over the past couple of days. I was a bit delusional and thought that this was going to be easy. It would be my first attempt at hanging wallpaper. I borrowed a couple books from the library and watched some "how to" videos on Youtube. They all convinced me that hanging wallpaper was so easy. Liars! The one I enjoyed most was this video by Ferm Living. I could do that! Not only was it cute and easy, but they had me believing I would be chilling and groovin' out in my bathroom as I worked. Lies! First off, the paper I used did not employ the "paste the walls" technique so I had to try and paste the entire long sheets in a somewhat cramped area. I also did not find the pre-mixed adhesive so I mixed my own. Oh yes, I screwed up many things, but was able to rectify most. Remember "measure twice, cut once" from sewing? Well, I should have reminded myself because I completely cut one strip incorrectly and was so lucky that I had just enough paper to complete the papering I needed to do. I really don't know why I am being so picky about the workmanship. I act as if I have royalty or interior design magazines visiting. Nope. Just me.
It still needs to be siliconed along some edges, but I guess it's not too shabby for a first attempt.


Sue @ SimonsSistaSaw said...

Not too shabby at all and I love the paper you chose. I'd be useless at hanging it, I'm sure.

pupule said...

Thanks! I guess I should not discourage anyone from giving it a try. I do not know why I am so worried. You would think I would take more risks with something I own.

mariko said...

The wallpaper looks great!