Monday, October 10, 2011


"Why?" you ask. Oh, I don't know. I thought I had a good reason. You must know that I am highly suggestible. I can get suckered into a lot of things. You know, "all the cool kids are doin' it". It all started when Emily Henderson posted this on her blog. I thought it was fun, but was not going to join in. I became even more intimidated when people started to build replicas of mid-century homes all on their own. I can't do that. I will only go so far. Then I saw this at a sale the other day. A nice, simple A-frame which could house all of the wonderful mid-century vintage pieces that could never fit into my real home. I would have to do it on a major budget in order to justify my participation. Starting with this house. It was marked $8. You should know by now that I was not paying that. I waited until I thought the half-price sale would start. I made it just in time. The frenzy had started and it was still there. Even better is that it had previously been marked down to $6 for some reason. So, I scored it for $3. My nice, big, empty abode. I am going to pimp this thing out. You wait and see. My sister is worried that I will turn into the "miniature killer" that was on "C.S.I".

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