Thursday, October 06, 2011

Roadtrip Food

To continue on with the Wisconsin road trip I thought I would mention Captain Porky's. It is now on the way to Wisconsin. It recently moved locations so it is smack dab on the travel route. I had not been there before but ha read about it. It is run bu a Greek immigrant who learned English and how to cook from two creole transplants. They taught him all about that good old creole Louisiana cooking. Captain Porky's? He really does not know why he picked that name and wishes he could change it. I guess at the time it fulfilled the explanation of smoked barbecue foods and seafood. He is really interested in healthful cooking and foods and he offers this along with the not so healthy because that is what his patrons prefer.
This is the barbecue rib tips with greens and garlic potatoes.
I had the lobster po boy sandwich.
I also bought this. Hen of the woods mushroom. They are only available for a limited time each year. He had a mixed mushroom salad including this. He also offered them as a fried mushroom. I asked if they sold it fresh by the pound and they do. I was curious to try them. I brought them home and had them sauteed in olive oil with herbs and a little butter. You should try them if you have not yet done so. They have such a nice texture. I will see if they have them this week at the farmer's market.

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ai said...

Hen of the woods mushroom, we call it Maitake, and it's available year-round in Japan. It makes everything else brown when you sautee it with other ingredients, but I still love it.

I'd love to go back to Wisconsin one day again for sure!