Thursday, February 09, 2012

Sweetheart Baking

Have you finished your Valentine's Day baking? You are behind schedule if you need to do any shipping. I am not shipping these, but I am giving them to people I will see tomorrow and not again for an entire week. I thought that these looked so good I had to try them for Valentine's Day. I found the recipe via Marcus Samuelsson here. I was a bit worried after making the dough because it states that you should roll the dough into balls and my dough was not firm enough to roll into balls. I kept re-reading the recipe to see if I had messed up the ingredients or measurements, and I had not. I used to spoons to fill the muffin cups. They turned out just fine.

Since the oven was already on I decided to try out the bread machine to make some cinnamon rolls. I have never used the dough cycle. They turned out pretty nicely and I did not even have to work the dough myself.

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