Monday, February 20, 2012

When You're Not Looking

I am currently in a new zone. This zone requires me to only seek very specific items when out thrifting. So, my time spent in the store is very quick and exact. I am on a mission and everyone had better get out of my way. This means that I tend to stick to my specific area of the store, but every once in awhile I get lead astray. I am finding that when I am seeking a specific item, I have very little luck finding it. If I am not looking for something it will magically appear in front of me. Like this. I have wanted one of these for several years. I wanted it so much that I went on ebay several years back and finally won one at a decent price. Journey forward to this weekend. I am walking pas6t shelves of electronics when I see this box. No way. This cannot be. It has to be some type of mirage. It was not. It was in the original box and has the original yellow wall cord as well.

I cleaned her up and here she is. Exactly what I was not looking for.


mariko said...

Best phone EVER. Maybe you should wish for a pile of money next.

ai said...

Shining yellow! Are you gonna be using it or is it for display only?

You know I had been looking for a hand-held mixer for a while for my baking obsession, but most hand mixers didn't look cool to my eye until I found one (Hamilton Beach) that's really simple and clean-looking. But it was from the '50s, and I thought to myself I should not kid myself. So I got a more recent Kitchenaid hand mixer instead.