Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Not your average weekend

It was a long weekend.  My eyes hurt by Sunday night due to all of the searching and perusing of treasure I had done over the previous days.  Friday and Saturday were rummage sales. Sunday was a flea market in Wisconsin along with three antique malls.  Add a couple sever thunderstorms to that mix and it was not a dull weekend.  I was able to find loads of items I need for a future project as well as some pretty unexpected items.  Like this huge cow skull.  Not something that I would actively seek out, but when I saw it I was hooked.  Normally, I do not partake of any taxidermy for my house. but I do have a certain fascination with natural science, anatomy, etc.  Anyway, I find a certain beauty in this piece.  The guy I bought it from told me that it belonged to a friend of his who was on vacation somewhere and found it watched up on the beach. 

More finds to share later.

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