Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Who wants pie?

I recently stopped into First Slice Pie Cafe in Andersonville.  I had previously driven by unsure of what type of business it was until one day...I saw the giant slice of pie in the window.  This great cafe is a new location for one of the venues belonging to First Slice.

It is a really cozy, cute cafe with a nice food menu (soups, sandwiches, salads) along with some really great pie and baked goods options.  Many cookies, cupcakes and pies, pies, pies.  Their coffee is from Alterra in Milwaukee.  What a great excuse to indulge when the profits go to such a good cause.

I had the Michigan sour cherry pie and an espresso.  Yum.


mariko said...

I would like some pie.

pupule said...

Get on the plane!