Sunday, June 03, 2012


Saturday was a day filled with two sales, an outdoor flea market and two antique malls.  Woohoo!  There was much treasure to be found.  I just wanted to post this because sometimes I come across something I just find odd and so I purchase it.  This postcard is one of those things.  I am not sure that the text is legible from my scan so I will type what is printed on the front.  Under the left photo :  "Dr. Blakeley, Minister."  Under the photo on the right:  "Donald Wright, leading man."  Under the center photo:  "Sue Martin  a consecrated Christian, a sweetheart who loves Don and wants him to investigate the CHRISTIAN CHURCH and its work."

At first, I could not figure out what was going on, but I think that this card is an advertisement for a christian movie and these are the characters.  The title of the film is "The Bible Speaks".  I just find the whole postcard a little odd.

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