Thursday, June 14, 2012


This is just a random post about the past few days which have been pretty damned hot.  The result from this heat is that my brain is fried and I can only offer these random bits and pieces.  I was out in that hot, mid-90 weather for the flea market.  I think I just did my best to block out the fact that I was like a bug under a magnifying glass looking for treasure.  Instead of showing you what I did buy, I thought I would show you what I did not buy, but thought was rather cool.  Look at this incredible birdcage.  This thing was huge.  It took up most of that large folding table.  $200.

These would not go with any of my decor, but I really like them.  I can imagine the patterned shadows they would cast in the night.  I think I would like them on my imaginary patio or by my imaginary pool at my imaginary house...that I share with Josh Charles.

This is Hillery's BBQ.  It is in the small town where I was born and spent the first year of my life.  Every so often I venture back there...mostly to thrift.  My Mom usually gets ribs while I get some chicken.

Look at that smoker.  Below is what the rib tips look like.

I was going to tell you all about it when I found this commercial on YouTube. This must have been on some local cable station because I cannot think of anywhere else it would air. It would have to air in between episodes of Wayne and Garth on their couch in the basement.

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