Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 This weekend I went to the Cedarburg flea market for the first time.  Well, at least the first time that I can remember.  I might have come here as a child, but the memory escapes me.  It opens at 6 a.m.and I wanted to be there when it opened.  Not only to be among the first to peruse the bargains, but also to be there before the sun had fully risen and the continued heat of the hottest summer on record reared its ugly head.  It is about a 2 hour drive from Chicago so I was on the road by 4 a.m.  I have no early morning photos because I thought i had left my camera at home only to discover it in my purse several hours into my shopping.  The shot above is just a gratuitous crowd shot.  It took some special planning to get that big blue garbage can right in the middle of my shot.  I am good, aren't  I?

I promise to take more pictures next time around.   This is just an example of a more organized booth.  I actually prefer the more piled high mish mash of stuff that you have to dig through.

I guess I am the only one that absolutely loves the old rusty scooters.  This was my second visit to this vendor later on in the day and they were still there!  I could not believe that nobody had bought them as cool display pieces.  My sister later convinced me that I should have bought one of them.  I am not beginning to think maybe she was right. 

After several hours of interesting shopping I had to cry "uncle" to the heat.  I had been up since 3 and denied my morning joe.  I was told to try this place in town.

Very cute and the perfect place for a short respite for getting back on the road.
I felt human once again, but I had no idea what unexpected happiness awaited my outside in a nearby park.
I mean, really?  How could there be something so incredibly adorable?  There were actually 2 puppies there.  The other one was off to the left.  I think the owner said that they were 8 weeks old.  They weighed less than a pound each.   Puppy miniature dachshunds.  She let me hold one.  My trip was complete.
     I will post later about the stuff I found.  Not earth-shattering, but loads of fun.

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