Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just the Highlights

This past weekend was the final push of rummage sales until September.  There were three to attend so I got my fix while I had the chance.  There were many finds, but I don't want to bore you so I am only posting the highlights.   I found this mid-century tension pole lamp for $6.  I think that one of the lights is touchy so I am going to take it in and have the wiring checked.  I love the shape of the glass shades.

What is that dresser doing on your bed?  Well, I am a dumb-ass and I forgot to shoot it outside before I carried it up a billion flights in the summer heat.  So, I threw it on the bed and took a picture.  This is a very Arne Vodder-like dresser and I love it.  It is going to look lovely in my bedroom once I clean and re-arrange it.  Right now, it just has small metal nubs for feet.  I think that there used to be legs that screwed onto these, but I am not sure.  I was hoping someone might see this and tell me.  If I cannot find the proper legs I may just replace them with the standard med-century tapered leg.  Oh yeah, $30.

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