Monday, August 13, 2012


I drove up to Elkhorn this weekend and thankfully, the weather was the complete opposite of last time.  It was overcast and you might have wanted a light jacket.  No oppressive heat.  That is my impressive haul pictured above.  Just kidding.  I could not imagine loading and transporting that much stuff from the flea market.  This time I actually arrived before it opened.

Above is my first load.  They were all from a $1 table.  I guess you cannot tell how big the atlas and painting are.  That vase is about 8 inches tall.  Anyway, I did not want to carry that around all day so I immediately went back to my car within about 5 minutes of arriving.

I was focused for most of the day, but as you know, sometimes I am lead astray from shiny and bright.  These violins are evidence of that.  This guy was selling a table full of beautiful old violins.  I stopped to admire them and asked if it was OK to shoot them.  He seemed very happy that I was taking pictures and he picked them up to show me the beautiful wood or point out the craftsmanship.

Look at the pearl inlay on this one.

Such beautiful objects.  Not too many people were stopping by so I think he was glad to have someone stop and chat with him.  I did acquire a nice collection of stuff, but I am thinking I need to organize before I post.

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