Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cedarburg! Part deux

Somewhere along the way I promised not to show you every little thing I bought at he flea market.  So I just picked out a highlight or two.  The cabinet above was what I picked as the best item of the day.  Look at that patina!  It has beautiful doors on the front which open to reveal a stack of red knob pull wooden drawers.  Of course, if you don;t like the red knobs you could always change them out for card catalog type pulls.


Yes.  I wanted this.  No,  I did not have $450.  Sigh.  The second best item of the day was this beautiful all wood handmade antique workbench. It would look oh so nice in my workspace.  Unfortunately, I got so caught up in my shopping that I neglected to take a photo of it.  Unfortunately, I also did not have $550 to put it into my car.

Yes.  I wanted this.  Yes.  I bought it.  I have a love for woodblock prints.  This one is a very large water scape measuring 28 x 10" in a nice white mat.  Guess I will be custom framing this one.

It was a long day that started at 3 in the morning which means that I had to stop for one of these.  I tried a new place this time which was great.  There are three coffee shops within a few blocks in this small town.  Not a one of them is Starbucks.  I love that.

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