Saturday, October 27, 2012

Is it too early to invoke the "C" word?

  I went walking in the woods yesterday.  I realized that I have not been walking in the woods in a very long time.  I grew up near a large forest preserve so I used to be much closer to nature than I am currently.  Anyway, I went in to this other forest and noticed all of the fallen trees.  I don't think they did any clearing after some of the big storms we had in the spring and early summer.

It was my lucky day.  I have been looking for a tree stump for several months.  For what?  A side table?  a woodland tableaux?  Actually, I need one to use with metal punching tools as a sort of anvil.  The wood works great and does not damage the sharp edges of the metal tools and it looks nice, too.  This was the only tree that was actually cut down and had not fallen naturally.  This was just the right size because tree trunks can get to be pretty heavy.

Back to the subject at hand.  I normally do not like to think of Christmas this early on.  I have already noticed the Target Christmas commercial, but for some reason it does not annoy me like I thought it would.  I like to Christmas shop year round in order to get the right gift for each person, but I do not like to have any of the decorations, music, or commercials until Thanksgiving.  I do, however like to plan ahead.  I realize that there are certain things you have to think of before this time period or you find yourself cursing every year because you forgot to plan ahead.

I spotted these branches laying on the ground as I wandered in that forest.  Normally, I am not sharp enough to remember things like this, but this year I was!

They may not look like much right now, but they will be my Christmas tree.  I have not put up an actual tree for years.  In the recent past I have noticed people using branches such as these with the white twinkle lights for their Christmas tree display.  I am going to try it out this year.  Hey, i8f it doesn't work out, it didn' cost me anything and no trees were killed in the process.

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