Friday, October 26, 2012

Random stuff I forgot

  I forgot to post anything from the final sale at Cedarburg other than the pumpkins.  It was a very cold (30's) and dark morning.  I made it through there in record time. I thought that these chairs were a great find.  Seven bucks each.  Look at all of the great colors.  I think I would have gotten the blue, the orange, and that great plummy maroon color for myself.   Too bad I have no room for them.

I did buy this great old leather horse collar for a steal.  I also got the bridle and harness as well.  When I purchased it I had no idea what i was going to use it for, but by the end of the day I actually came up with an idea.

These are some random shots of places in the Bayside hood of Milwaukee that I took last weekend.  I had not been to this section for a few years.  It has changed lots and seems to have some fun places to shop and eat.  Although, it is very high on the hipster scale.  I only mention this in case you happen to have an aversion to hipsters.  I do not,

  Breakfast was consumed at Honeypie.  I highly recommend it.  The food is locally sourced and the baked goods looked heavenly.  They also have an enormously large beer list.  Portions are huge.  Midwest.  What are you gonna do?  I had the pumpkin french toast with apple compote and candied nuts.  I think you van tell h ow tasty it was just from the description.  When I went in I had fully intended on getting a piece of pie to go.  After eating that rich and tasty breakfast there was no way that was happening.  Maybe next time I will stop in just for a slice and some java.

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mariko said...

Please do not put that leather thing on Atticus.