Monday, October 01, 2012

Like a Dog with a Bone

  I would like to start this post out by stating that I am highly suggestible, in case you did not already know this.  You see, I read this article in Bon Appetit and all of a sudden I wanted one of those vintage drafting chairs.  It didn't have to be this exact chair, but something similar in looks.  I just thought it would be great to use as I sat at my work bench.  What was not so great?  That price.  $425?!  Most vintage drafting stools ran around $200- $300 on eBay and etsy and I did not find any on Craigslist.  Maybe that restaurant trend had driven up the prices.  So, I knew that I wanted the wood seat not metal and that it had to be adjustable.  I did not want one of those that just sat high up because I am so short.  I need to adjust the height.  This became my quest at the last Elkhorn flea market of the season.  I was on a mission and nobody was going to stop me.  I had a list of things to find and this was at the very top.  The chair above is the winner.  I know that it looks like it is at regular sitting height, but it actually adjusts up about another foot.  It was only $25.  Mission accomplished.

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