Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Public Service - renewing wood handled flatware

This is one of those rare posts where I try out a suggested solution for a problem regarding the condition of a vintage item.  I think the only one previous was about the cleaning of vintage enamel items.  This post will deal with the issue of dried and dull wood handled vintage flatware.  I have a few patterns of wood handled flatware and this is one of the few that has lost its luster.  I previously tried some Danish oil, but that  did not last very long.  There are several "special" oils that have been recommended on the web, so I decided to try something more accessible.  I found the information below on ehow.  They suggest it for wood handled knives so I just used it for the flatware.  The only difference is that I dipped it instead of brushing it on.  I think the immediate results look good.  The spoon is naked and the fork has been treated.  I will post another picture in a month to see if it has held up or not.

Pour a small amount of Canola Oil in a small bowl. About 1/4-cup coats 2 to 3 dozen knives.

Using a clean paint brush, hold the knife by the blade over bowl and generously coat the wooden handle with oil. Allow any excess oil to drip back into bowl.

Wipe excess oil off of the wooden handle with paper towel.

Place knife on newspaper to allow oil to soak in and dry. Allow approximately 4 to 6 hours for the oil to completely soak in and dry before putting the knives away.

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