Thursday, October 25, 2012

Manny's part deux

Just a short lunch post.  I had to go back and do some shopping along Roosevelt Road so it was a good excuse to stop in at Manny's again.  This time I was there closer to noon so there was a short line to get in.  I think  this is actually an advantage because it gives you time to decide what you want to order once it is your turn.  It eases the pressure.  Sometimes the pressure to decide on your order when you walk into a place can be daunting.  Hey Mariko, did you ever go to Blondie's pizza when it was staffed by punkers?  If so, then you understand about the pressure to order.  This time we got to sit at David Axelrod's table.  I was surprised there was no Obama table since this is one of his favorite lunch places.

This is what was ordered this time around.  Some Kugel.  (Delicious!) A hot from the oven chicken pot pie.  Sweet potato pie.  Very monotone.  That tray is screaming for some vegetables.  Again, this was split between to people.

The chicken pot pie was really cozy.  The crust was very flaky and buttery.  It made me want to try and make my own this fall.


mariko said...

I found Blondie's to be very intimidating. I generally went to Fat Slice. That sounds really good right now.

pupule said...

I forgot about Fat Slice. Yeah. Those punk rockers at Blondie's would yell at you if you were not ready to order when it was your turn. I learned quickly.