Friday, October 12, 2012

Putting a Spin on Things

This might be the strangest post I ever publish.  Well, maybe not.  It is definitely off topic.  Do you remember when Prince performed on SNL in 2006?  He had this crazy doo-rag on his head and he actually rocked it.  He has always been able to wear whatever he wants on stage.  He is one of those people that makes you believe it looks cool ass because he has the confidence to wear it as if it is cool ass. 
He has done this his entire career.  He could wear  something considered to be completely feminine and turn it into a masculine sexual object.  Now, you are going to have to stick with me on this train of thought.  I am going to tie this all into the subject of dog diapers.  My dog is getting to be up there in dog years and I decided that he could use some.  I only put it on him when he sleeps at night.  He does not have a problem any other time, just in the overnight hours and not every night.  Anyway, I decided to get the washable kind because the disposable seems like such a crime against the environment.  So, for some reason they only come in two fabric colors.  Pink and purple.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Such indignity.  Not that I think my dog thinks this.   Just me.   I really don't understand why they have to have a color at all.  Don't get me started on the "designer" patterned diapers.  Luckily, he does not have to go out in public wearing these.  He does not object to putting one on.  In fact, when gifted with a new collar, he has been known to prance around the house for a good amount of time.  He has a little drag queen in him.  So, I have decided to put a new spin on these things.  First of all, I really think they are more "hot pants" then diapers if you choose to use these colors.  I am thinking that at bedtime, I will put on some "Dirty Mind" and "Irresistible Bitch" when it is time to get into his hot pants just to remind him that if Prince could rock these little briefs, so can he.  I want him to channel his "Artist Formerly Known As".
Uh, huh.  That's right.

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ai said...

Prince will be very proud of your doggie.