Friday, October 12, 2012

Recycle Again

Today I found another building recycling place.  This one is close to me and it is actually cheaper than the other recycling place in Chicago I posted about earlier.  They do not have as much inventory, but there is more than enough to pick through.  Lighting.

  I thought this door was really neat, but I have no use for it.  There was a pair of them and they had that interesting slanted curve to their shape.  Also love the metal grating in the bottom panels.

Old stained glass church windows.

Pews.  Oh, if I only lived in a loft.  I think these were free.

I loved this piece, but I could not figure out how I would transport it and then take it up the many flights of stairs.  I am pondering yet another door.  This one is solid oak and has no windows, but it is a beautiful old patina with great hardware.  I will have to decide in the next week.

These are what I left with today.  Tiles to re-do my kitchen back splash. A mixture of glass and stone.  I bought them for a steal.  Do you think they are too trendy?  Maybe so.

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