Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday prep

Have you started to get into the thick of your holiday crafting and gifting?  I have.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to successfully shoot the results.  Above is a detail of the globe I made for a friend.  One of her dogs is a Boston terrier so I made this little snow scene in a globe for her.  Too bad none of the shots showing the entire globe were in focus. 

This year I decided to try out some new variations using those clear glass ornaments.  This is the mini tree and snow version.

I also tried out these painted glass ornaments.  There was a lot of trial and error due to the viscosity of various paints.  Also, one should take heed to the cautionary information provided by  the person who wrote the tutorial.  When they mention that it takes FOREVER for the paint to dry, they are not kidding.  It has been about three day and these are still wet on the inside.

     So much more to do before next week.  Why don't they keep enough employees at the post office so that they can have all of the windows open during the middle of the day at the busiest time of year?

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