Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Paczki Day!

Today is Paczki day!  I do not know if you are aware that Chicago has a VERY large Polish population.  It is the city with the largest population of Pols outside of Warsaw.  That used to be true when I was little, I think it still holds true.  Anyway, thanks to this wonderful part of the population, we are able to indulge in paczki on Fat Tuesday.  For those of you who are not able to enjoy this delectable treat, I am so, so sorry. 

Let's start at the bakery.  I should have taken a shot of the long line I was standing in, but I thought people would get annoyed.  If you look closely  at the tops of the cases you can see the beginning of the trays filled with the many different paczki for your pleasure.  I think they start with raspberry, prune, apricot, custard...

Here are two trays of strawberry.  That is the fresh strawberry with cream cheese on the left and the same with whipped cream on the right.  Here is what we walked out with:

Fresh strawberry with whipped cream.

Clockwise from upper right: Rose petal, raspberry, custard and an advocat (eggnog) in the middle.

Here is what the center of the raspberry looked like before being devoured.  I guess there is a reason they call it Fat Tuesday.


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OMG is right. They make me fat just by looking at them. But I'd like to try them ALL.