Thursday, February 07, 2013

Shop Stop

I know that I usually post a whole bunch of stuff after I have hit the flea markets or the rummage sales.  This time I thought I would post what I typically buy when I make an unscheduled stop at a thrift shop.  Nothing specific in mind.   Just looking for stuff for myself that I do not need, not stuff to sell.  Today I picked up this lovely set of cruets from Arabia Finland.  I spotted them because of their beautiful, simple design and then bought them because I have slowly started acquiring various Arabia pieces.

Bright orange enamel skillet.  I thought this would be an nice addition to the Le Creuset I already have.

Design Review book from 1976.  I recently picked up a couple of these types of design books because they can be such a great reference.

This print.  From faraway I had thought it was a painting, but when I asked them to take it down I found out that it is actually a print.  I am guessing silkscreen because I do not see a plate impression.  It is titled "Spring Rain".  I need to open it up an clean it a bit.  I really liked that it was abstract and has an Asian feel to the mark making.
I have so much art that needs hanging that it is not funny.  Time to get off my ass, I guess.

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